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Example inquiries

About products

・Please describe the hardening conditions for World Rock XXXX products.

・Please send us the SDS for World Rock XXXX products.

・Please advise us about some characteristic products in addition to those covered by your website.

About additional functions

・Are any UV curable material that is light-tight?

・Please advise us about transparent optical adhesives characterized by a refractive index almost equal to that of PMMA.

・We are looking for an adhesive resin characterized by low shrinkage and high transmissibility after hardening.

・Please advise us about heat-resistant adhesives to be applied to film materials.

・Please advise us about materials used for preventing ion migration.

・Please advise us about adhesive agents characterized by high transmissibility and high heat-resistance.

・Please advise us about sealing materials with moisture resistance.

・Please give us advice because we are looking for methods to selectively absorb and reflect wavelengths.

・Are any tackless materials available?

・Please advise us about materials which increase the cushioning properties of adhesive agents.

About materials to be bonded

・Can a PC material be bonded to another PC material?

・Can a polycarbonate material be bonded to a ceramic UV material?

・Can metals be bonded?

・Can COP materials be bonded?

About processes

・Are any transparent materials available for screen printing?

・Are there any adhesive agents without dripping but with good shape retention properties?

・Are there any agents which can be fully hardened by putting them into another process after they are temporarily fixed?

・Are there any agents which can be hardened only with visible light?

・Is it possible to bond materials which block UV rays?


・Please advise us about sealing agents for LCD and OLED.

・Are there any filling sealants for OLED?

・Please advise us about bonding materials for OGS touch panels.

・Are there any materials which can be bonded to front plastic plates?

・Please advise us about strengthening agents for LCD and OLED (including, for example, FPC bend strengthening agents).

・Is there a potting resin for LCD and OLED panels?

・Please advise us about high-purity materials which are not or scarcely contaminated with liquid crystal.

・Are there any materials for in-vehicle electronic devices, which are characterized by heat resistance and do not generate outgas?

・We are planning to bond heterogeneous optical materials.

・Please advise us about appropriate adhesive agents, if any.

・Please advise us about materials used for bonding anti-scattering film materials and hard coat materials.

・Are there any material for electrochromic and other dimming devices?

・Are there any materials for microlenses?

・Is there a seal for dye-sensitized solar cells that are resistant to electrolytes?

・Is there a resin that can form a thin film that can be used with ink-jet?

・Are there any material for temporary fixation with high heat resistance?