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Carbon under coating materials / ceramic over coating materials – The voices of developers

To establish technologies in new fields


Advancing into growing markets

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are expected to be applied as in-vehicle batteries and stationary batteries, and the range of applications will expand in future.

We are currently making proposals about the functionality membrane materials exclusively developed by us to battery manufacturers and the manufacturers of related materials, and expanding our activities. We are trying to determine the development orientation which will allow us to maximize client value in cooperation with members engaged in development.


In search of more distinctive functionality thin membrane materials

The safety, lifespan, and electrical charge/discharge characteristics of batteries can be enhanced by applying our functionality membrane materials.

For example, as in-vehicle batteries require very high safety, multiple safety measures are taken in anticipation of any trouble in the battery system.

By applying our heat-resistant ceramic coating agent, an insulating film can be readily arranged between the anode and cathode, which enhances heat resistance.

We are also engaged in the development of a conductive coating agent which reduces internal resistance and increases the electrical charge/discharge characteristics of a battery by applying to the power collector. Thus, possible application to in-vehicle batteries, etc., requiring rapid electrical charge/discharge characteristics is now being examined. Furthermore, as the adhesiveness of active materials to the electrodes is enhanced and the lifespan is extended, the possibility of application to stationary batteries requiring long lifespan characteristics is also being examined.

This field is attracting huge attention because the scale of the project for development of materials for these in-vehicle batteries and stationary batteries is extremely large, and the degree of contribution of such materials is very high from the viewpoint of preserving the global environment.

Consequently, we are proceeding with the design of pilot plants exclusively for these products to be developed, and promoting technical exchange with material manufacturers, public institutions such as universities, and clients.

Technologies realized by assuming practical applications

We embarked on the development of materials, anticipating that our excellent surface boundary and surface analysis technologies could contribute to enhancing the performance of the peripherals of batteries in material development.

Through a trial and error process, we successfully developed a functionality membrane material which enhances the safety and electrical charge/discharge characteristics of batteries and extends their lifespan by focusing on surfaces and surface boundaries.

We believe that we successfully made full use of our forte.


In search of distinctive characteristics

Expecting that battery characteristics could be enhanced by applying surface boundary and surface designs to batteries, we analyzed battery material surfaces and surface boundaries to find some new phenomena which would lead to design policies for highly distinctive functionality membrane materials. We are proceeding with the development of better products through the cycle of Prototype development -> Battery cell evaluation -> Surface boundary analysis -> Product enhancement based on a hypothesis.

I would like to make Kyoritsu Chemical & Co., Ltd. a leading company for the development of next-generation energy by bringing together battery material technologies as a new technological pillar of the company.

Strong expectations from visitors to the exhibition

In spring 2012, we participated in the exhibition “Battery Japan.”

After the exhibition, we unexpectedly received a large number of enquiries from overseas customers as well as Japanese customers, and many supported our own viewpoint concerning surface and surface boundary designs.

To respond to their expectations, we are determined to make every effort to develop more sophisticated technologies and products.


Battery market in the future

Our approach to the battery market has just begun. However, by capitalizing on our know-how to enhance the surface boundary technologies which emerged from our development work focusing on adhesion, we would definitely like to introduce our products into this growing market, and nurture them so that they become a technological pillar of our company.