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Optical functionality adhesive agents – The voices of developers

Our tenacious effort to achieve “the optimal quality”

New technologies are born through logical process.

The evolution of this technology was driven by a powerful factor.

Technical advances in the product of an existing client made it difficult for conventional adhesive agents to meet the specifications any more, and we determined to embark on reevaluation and enhancement.

We logically verified the optimal conditions for finding a solution by analyzing the problems in conventional products, developing several enhanced products, and then comparatively evaluating them.

However, as there were a large number of required characteristics, we could not successfully meet all of them. Some of them were traded off. We strived to develop a technology and product by fully discussing it with the client, and obtaining mutual understanding in order to pave the way to development.

In this manner, we also successfully built a close relationship with overseas clients by overcoming the language barrier.


Stimulated by the needs of our clients

There were very few products which could satisfy the needs of clients in the market of optical functional resin products.

We therefore listened to the needs and requests of clients, and logically verified and developed optimal conditions. The result was the development of our unique adhesive technology, “optical functionality and refractive index control resin” products.

Currently, I am in charge of the entire development process from the raw material selection, combination and physical property measurement stages to the mass production stage for this technology.

Research efforts alive in product development

In the development of technologies and products requiring diverse characteristics, the scope of evaluation is very wide, and a large amount of knowledge and know-how are necessary.

Some of the required characteristics include viscosity, refractive index, transparency, flexibility and durability: it is not possible to satisfy clients’ needs if any of these characteristics is missing. We therefore are proceeding with development by paying full attention to maintaining and improving the balance of characteristics.

In the past, there were cases where we managed to develop a product which perfectly met the requirements. However, the client rejected it claiming “It’s too smelly to use it.” While we were careful not to cause irritation to the human body such as skin irritation, this experience reminded us that the user could not accept factors such as odor.

Based on this experience, I always try to seek “my own way”, and absorb as much knowledge and technology as possible. The establishment of this technology by utilizing our cumulative findings and know-how gave me great confidence.

Constantly in search of the “optimal” design

Recently, there are a growing number of clients who favor or yearn for products characterized by high durability.

Against this backdrop, we are determined to continuously offer more “optimal” technologies by establishing a close relationship with our clients to keep responding to their needs based on our knowledge and experience obtained over a long time.