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The development of “functional membrane materials,” which control the surface boundary conditions of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and electrical double layer capacitors, and improve electrical charge/discharge characteristics and heat resistance

Battery surface boundary analysis technology

  • By making use of our experience and knowledge in the field of adhesive technologies and our sophisticated surface boundary analysis technology, and clarifying electrochemical phenomena from the viewpoint of adhesion, we are enhancing the design process to improve the electrical charge/discharge characteristics, lifespan and heat resistance of batteries.

Heat resistance improvement technology

  • The application of a ceramic coating agent to separators made of polypropylene or polyethylene can reduce the amount of shrinkage under heat, and contribute to improvement of the heat resistance of batteries.
  • In addition, the ceramic coating agent alleviates the local electrochemical reaction of batteries, which extends their lifespan by preventing local deterioration.

Internal resistance reduction technology

  • Application of a carbon coating agent to power collectors can reduce the internal resistance of batteries and enhance the electrical charge/discharge characteristics, especially on the high rate side.
  • The lifespan of batteries can be extended thanks to the lower surface boundary resistance between power collectors and active material layers.

Technology application example: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

We are examining the possibility of applying our functional membranes for batteries to in-vehicle batteries which are characterized by high energy density, and require rapid electrical charge/discharge characteristics and long lifespan.