We design “adhesion technologies” for our customers.

Our original brand “WORLD ROCK”
The technologies behind our corporate history and proprietary product portfolio were developed
to share the issues you are facing and realize your dreams.

WORLD ROCK is here!

  • Conceptualizing “adhesion” for our customers
    Conceptualizing “adhesion” for our customers
    Over the years, we at Kyoritsu Chemical & Co., Ltd. have proposed a number of brand new solutions as a general trading company for adhesive agents. We believe that an “absolute value” is always created not only by depending on experience and knowledge, but also by conceptualizing ideal product identities and making proposals through a process for bridging differences from the customer's perspective.
  • Giving birth to “adhesion” solutions
    Giving birth to “adhesion” solutions
    Situations requiring adhesion technologies vary depending on the desired material, process, environment, performance, quality, etc. Therefore, we have successfully developed our proprietary “adhesion” solutions by sharing dreams and issues with our customers, and striving for optimization of adhesion solutions.
  • Something not achieved by ready-made products
    Something not achieved by ready-made products
    To create an innovative, brand-new “adhesion” solution, we may not depend heavily on the existing solutions we own as a general trading company handling adhesive agents. Consequently, in addition to handling existing products, we determined to establish our own product development and manufacturing systems, and launched our original brand “WORLD ROCK.”

Creating a value beyond the goal

With our corporate philosophy, “Designing adhesion technologies from our customer's perspectives,” our development strategies are promoted by integrally building on three systems: “additional function design,” “assessment technologies”, and “process proposals” based on our adhesion technologies.

Creating a value beyond the goal

  • Element technologies we developed through the innovation process
    A number of technologies that we gave birth to are applied to the development of next-generation products, and are continuing their evolutionary processes.

Designed “adhesion” products

LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)

Designed “adhesion” products

Before LCD monitors became the mainstream instead of CRT-based televisions, products used to be manufactured by using the “injection method” in spite of a number of problems. To cope with such problems, Kyoritsu Chemical & Co., Ltd. succeeded in developing and commercializing a new adhesion technology called the “One Drop Filling (ODF) method,” which allows the outer sealing material and liquid crystal to be bonded together completely at one time without causing any chemical reaction or contamination.

"Adhesion"echnologies used for smartphones

“Adhesion” technologies used
for smartphones

As capacitive touch panels are being adopted for smartphones in recent days, market needs for transparent and flexible (low-elasticity) optical adhesives called Optical Clear Resin (OCR) are rapidly growing. Since the 1990s, we at Kyoritsu Chemical & Co., Ltd. have been responding to technical issues surrounding devices equipped with touch panels, reflection-averse aeronautical instruments, etc., to eventually develop OCR products under the “WORLD ROCK” brand, which are currently adopted in a number of smartphones.

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